2020 Non-Fiction Contest Short List

February 17, 2021 at 10:46 am  •  Posted in About Event, Announcements, Blogs, Contest, Home Page, News, Welcome by

Without further ado, here is the EVENT Magazine 2020 Non-Fiction Contest Shortlist:

  • “If You Spot a Crow,” Heather Diamond
  • “Lost on the Greenway,” Jill Mandrake
  • “The Pamphlet,” Jeremy Andruschak
  • “Differences,” Madeline Sonik
  • “The Great Pause,” Jane Campbell
  • “And, in Another Part of the Forest,” Peter Dubé
  • “Eight of Nine,” Kathleen McDonnell
  • “The Dying Room,” Leanne Schneider
  • “Endless Circle,” Evi Cox
  • “Our Lives,” Alexis Pooley
  • “Sea Monsters Revealed,” Adrienne Gruber

Congratulations to those included. The contest winners will be announced next week, stay tuned!