REVIEWS from the ARCHIVES: Greg Bechtel’s “Boundary Problems” Kathy Page’s “Paradise & Elsewhere “

 •  January 17

REVIEWS from EVENT 44.1 Greg Bechtel's Boundary Problems & Kathy Page's Paradise & Elsewhere With a title like Boundary Problems, Greg Bechtel’s...

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J.R. McConvey Longlisted for the Journey Prize

 •  September 2

We're thrilled for J.R. McConvey, who has not one, but two stories longlisted for the 2016 Journey Prize. One of these stories is "How the Grizzly...

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Cover It Up: How to Get Your Photo on EVENT’s Cover

 •  July 21

We could use some more cover art submissions. People always seem surprised when I tell them how few we receive. In fact, most EVENT covers are...

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Issue 45-1: Notes on Writing

 •  July 18

45-1, EVENT's annual Notes on Writing issue, provides a rare inside glimpse at the lives of five notable Canadian writers. Kevin Spenst writes...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #22

 •  April 4

In her short non-fiction piece, "What You Learn in College," Karen Donley-Hayes writes about a personal experience playing strip spin-the-bottle in...

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Review: Brett Josef Grubisic’s This Location of Unknown Possibilities & Ed MacDonald’s Atomic Storybook

 •  February 22

This fiction review first appeared in EVENT 43/2 Brett Josef Grubisic, This Location of Unknown Possibilities, Now or Never Publishing, 2014 Ed...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #17

 •  February 20

Like Prompt #11, this exercise requires you to consider an unexpected antagonist: your own body. There are countless memoirs about illness, so many...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #14

 •  January 22

Write about a time you were out of your element, a fish out of water. The "fish out of water" story is a classic one, with potential for tension,...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #13

 •  January 19

A favourite movie of mine is that 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow flick, Sliding Doors. The narrator runs to catch a subway train. In one version of her life,...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #12

 •  January 18

Recall an incident from your childhood and write about it, limiting your narration to the child's perspective, or the "Voice of Innocence." In...

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