Recent Awards

EVENT congratulates its contributors, whose work, first published in the magazine, achieved the following. A more complete list of EVENT’s award winners and nominees from the past 20 years is available here.

Journey Prize

2018 Long-list: Philip Huynh, ‘The Forbidden Purple City’ (46/2)
2016 Finalist: J.R. McConvey, ‘How the Grizzly Came to Hang at the Royal Oak Hotel’ (44/1)
2013 Finalist: Doretta Lau, ‘How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?’ (41/1)
2010 Finalist: Andrew MacDonald, ‘Eat Fist!’ (38/3)

Canadian Magazine Awards

2017 Winner: Best Literature and Art Story, including Poetry:
M. Bayless, ‘So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish’ (44/2)

National Magazine Awards

2020 Winner: Silver, Poetry Category:
Cassidy McFadzean, ‘The Way’/’Study of a Torso’ (48/1)
2016 Finalist: Fiction Category:
Trevor Corkum, ‘Dar a Luz’ (44/2)
Finalist: Personal Journalism Category:
Gena Ellett, ‘The Back Roads’ (44/3)
2015 Finalist: Poetry Category:
George Elliott Clarke, ‘Fire!!!’; ‘The Confession of Marie-Josephe Angelique, juin 1734’; ‘The Confession of Marie-Josephe Angelique, juin 1734 [Unexpurgated Translation]’ (43/3)
2014 Finalist: Poetry Category:
Lisa Robertson, From ‘On Physical Real Beginning and What Happens Next’ (42/3)
2013 Finalist: Fiction Category:
Craig Davidson, ‘Friday Night Goon Squad’ (41/2)
Finalist: Poetry Category:
Sina Queyras, ‘The Dead Ones’ (41/3)
2012 Winner: Gold, Fiction Category:
Bill Gaston, ‘Four Corners’ (40/3)
Winner: Silver, Fiction Category:
Wayde Compton, ‘The Instrument’ (40/1)
Finalist: Personal Journalism Category:
Chris Donahoe, ‘Busted’ (40/3)
2011 Winner: Gold, Fiction Category:
Jeff Stautz, ‘Asymptote’ (39/2)
Winner: Silver, Fiction Category:
Jesus Hardwell, ‘Sandcastles’ (39/2)
Finalist: Poetry Category:
Monty Reid, ‘Smoke,’ ‘Update from the ATM’ and ‘For a New Kitchen’ (39/1)
2010 Finalist: Fiction Category:
André Alexis, ‘Orpheus’ (38/1)
Finalist: Fiction Category:
Carolyn Black, ‘At World’s End, Falling Off’ (38/3)
Finalist: Personal Journalism Category:
Katherine Fawcett, ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ (38/3)

Western Magazine Awards

2014 Finalist: Fiction Category:
Kevin Hardcastle, ‘Old Man Marchuk’ (42/3)
2012 Winner: Fiction Category:
Kate Millar, ‘Year of the Rooster’ (40/3)
Finalist: Fiction Category:
Bill Gaston, ‘Four Corners’ (40/3)
2010 Winner: Fiction Category:
Andrew MacDonald, ‘Eat Fist!’ (38/2)

Best Canadian Poetry (Tightrope Books)

2016 Sylvia Symons, ‘Duffle’ (44/2)
2014 Hoa Nguyen, ‘A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure’ (42/3)
2011 Al Rempel, ‘We Love Bananas’ (39/2)
Marita Dachsel, ‘Maria & Sarah Lawrence’ (39/2)
2010 Jamella Hagen, ‘Driving Dayton’ (37/3)

Best Canadian Essays (Tightrope Books)

2016 Jane Campbell, ‘Good as Dead’ (45/2)

Best Canadian Stories (Oberon Press)

2016 Ben Stephenson, ‘Its Size’ (44/2)