2020 Non-Fiction Contest Winners

And the winners are…

FIRST PLACE ($1,500):

  • ‘Our Lives’ by Alexis Pooley, London, ON


  • ‘Differences’ by Madeline Sonik, Victoria, BC


  • ‘Sea Monsters Revealed’ by Adrienne Gruber, Vancouver, BC

The winning entries, along with Madhur Anand’s judge’s essay, will appear in EVENT 50/1 (Spring/Summer 2021).

Congratulations to all the other short-listed entrants:

  • ‘If You Spot a Crow,’ Heather Diamond, Hong Kong
  • ‘Lost on the Greenway,’ Jill Mandrake, Vancouver, BC
  • ‘The Pamphlet,’ Jeremy Andruschak, Vancouver, BC
  • ‘The Great Pause,’ Jane Campbell, Vancouver, BC
  • ‘And, in Another Part of the Forest,’ Peter Dubé, Montreal, QC
  • ‘Eight of Nine,’ Kathleen McDonnell, Toronto, ON
  • ‘The Dying Room,’ Leanne Schneider, Darlings Lake, NS
  • ‘Endless Circle,’ Evi Cox, Montreal, QC

Thanks to those writers who sent manuscripts to us and to our contest readers and judge! Visit our Contest page for details on the next contest.

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Photo Credit: Karen Whylie

Guest Judge: Madhur Anand

Madhur Anand is the author of the collection of poems A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes (McClelland and Stewart/PRHC), the ‘memoir-in-halves’ This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart (Strange Light/PRHC), and several other literary works published in national and international literary magazines. She is a full professor of ecology and sustainability at The University of Guelph.