August 11  • 

Call for Illustrators

EVENT Magazine seeks talented emerging illustrators to produce work in response to the poetry and prose we publish. We’re looking for clean,...

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July 17  • 

Jane Campbell in Best Canadian Essays

Congratulations to Jane Campbell, whose creative non-fiction piece, "Good as Dead," which first appeared in EVENT 45/2, has been selected to appear...

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May 18  • 

Students Respond: Imagery and Music in Nolan Natasha Pike’s “Sailor”

Poetry students at Douglas College were asked to respond to poems in EVENT, discussing observations on technique as well as what they learned as...

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April 29  • 

M. Bayless Wins Canadian Magazine Award

"I had a good grip on the scissors when they plunged into Frank’s skull, so naturally I felt the firm resistance, then the sickening, slippery...

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