September 15  • 

30 Non-Fiction Writing Prompts

“Writing is an act of great courage, and writing creative non-fiction raises up the stakes even higher. It is not a genre for the...

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August 15  • 

Philip Huynh Selected for Journey Prize Long-List

Congratulations to Philip Huynh, who is one of twelve writers on the long-list for the Journey Prize. The prize recognizes new writers for the best...

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July 9  • 

Students Respond: Chemical Warfare by Brad Buchanan

Poetry students at Douglas College were asked to respond to poems in EVENT, discussing observations on technique as well as what they learned as...

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May 7  • 

LET DOWN YOUR HAIR Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of EVENT's LET DOWN YOUR HAIR speculative writing contest! These pieces were read blind and selected from the shortlist by...

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