What We’re Looking For

For the month of January 2021 only, we have a special call for submissions. We are welcoming fiction submissions from any Canadian citizen or resident (only). We are capping the call at 150 submissions. Submission guidelines below. If you are not a Canadian citizen or resident, please stay tuned for upcoming General Fiction Submission windows.


Fiction: We look for compelling characters, plots that surprise us, narratives that move us, stories that have something new to say. Due to a substantial backlog, we will not be open for general fiction submissions until further notice (most likely Spring 2021).

Poetry: We love poems that are lyrical without being overwrought, and profound without being pretentious. We look for honesty of emotion, and images that arrest us. Due to a substantial backlog, we will not be open for general poetry submissions until further notice (most likely August 2021).

Non-Fiction: The creative non-fiction we publish mainly comes through our annual Non-Fiction Contest (October 15 deadline) due to limited page space. We look for real-life experiences told as riveting narratives with distinct voices. We publish essays that feel artful and true.

Reviews: If you have opinions on books and know how to articulate them, we’d like to feature you as a reviewer! Read samples reviews on our blog for an idea of our style, and contact our Reviews Editor.

Your best bet at getting your work published in EVENT? Reading some of our issues. Find the current issue at Chapters/Indigo, libraries or local newsstandssubscriptions and single issues in print or digital formats can also be purchased online or through our office.

How to Submit

EVENT accepts general, unsolicited submissions by Submittable only. There is no fee to submit. We encourage writers from diverse backgrounds and experience levels to send their work to EVENT. We generally have two open submissions periods during the months of August-September and December-January. Please note that submissions for fiction and poetry are currently closed as we catch up on a backlog. We’re reading as fast was we can! Mailed submissions are no longer being processed or returned. We do not accept email submissions.

The Basics:

Submit up to eight poems, or one short story (maximum 5,000 words), at a time. Use standard manuscript formatting. Each poem or story must be saved as its own separate file (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt or .pdf file formats only). Be sure to submit under the proper category (genre). All work should be previously unpublished. You will be asked for a brief cover letter with your contact information, the title(s) of your submission(s) and a list of previous publication credits, if any.

For poem submissions, please ensure your name is included on each page, and that punctuation and capitalization is internally consistent within a poem.

The Details:

  • We will consider only ONE submission per writer at a time. Once you have received a response from us (accept or decline), you are free to submit another piece of writing. Please note that our Editorial Policy states that writers may only appear in EVENT once every two years, with the exception of Reviews and Notes on Writing.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please advise us immediately should a piece under consideration be accepted elsewhere.
  • We review every manuscript we receive.   PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of submissions received, our response times are longer than usual.
  • If you don’t already have a free Submittable account, you will be prompted to sign up for one before you submit.


  • We pay $40/page for poetry and $35/page for prose, up to a maximum of $500.
  • All contributors receive 2 copies of the issue in which their work appears. Payment is issued upon publication.
  • Please review our Editorial Policy for rights, payment policies and additional details.


Reading Service for Writers

If your manuscript needs another eye, try EVENT’s Reading Service for Writers. Manuscripts will be edited by one of EVENT’s experienced editors and receive an assessment of 700-1000 words detailing strengths and weaknesses, and providing recommendations for revision. All manuscripts submitted will also be considered for publication.