2019 Non-Fiction Contest Shortlist

February 27, 2020 at 1:43 pm  •  Posted in Announcements, Blogs, Home Page, Welcome by

Without further ado, here is the EVENT Magazine 2019 Non-Fiction Contest Shortlist:

• ‘Understanding My Face,’ Michelle Brown, Victoria, BC

• ‘The Minuet,’ Elliot Chan, Vancouver, BC

• ‘My Beautiful Madness,’ Rose Cullis, Toronto, ON

• ‘The Dead Green Man,’ Jane Eaton Hamilton, Salt Spring Island, BC

• ‘Is This an Illness or an Accident?’ Daniela Elza, Vancouver, BC

• ‘The Town Hussie,’ Kate Felix, Toronto, ON

• ‘An Unassuming Progression,’ Darlene McLeod, Ottawa, ON

• ‘Convocation,’ Mark Osteen, Baltimore, MD, USA

• ‘Picture Books with Animals,’ Scott Randall, Ottawa, ON

• ‘Embers,’ Madeline Sonik, Victoria, BC

• ‘Tour de Force,’ Catherine St. Denis, Victoria, BC

• ‘Things You Think When Your Husband Has a Heart Attack,’ Mary Steer, Waterdown, ON

Congratulations to those included. The contest winners will be announced in the next two weeks, stay tuned!