Non-Fiction Prompt #7

 •  January 9

Find a piece of music that reminds you of a time and place from your past. Play it in the background while you write about a personal...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #6

 •  January 7

Do something you've never done before. Write about the experience. You might perform spoken word, go to a gun range, drive on the highway at...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #4

 •  January 5

This exercise is inspired partly by Ernest Hemingway's minimalist writing style, and partly by an exercise from John Gardner's craft book, The Art...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #3

 •  January 4

Since many are returning to school today after the holidays, our third prompt invites you to recall and write about a teacher from when you were in...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #2

 •  January 3

When I consider the phrase "Missed Connections," I imagine a hollow space, a kind of emptiness where a relationship might have been. Think of those...

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Non-Fiction Prompt #1

 •  January 2

For the next couple months we'll be posting non-fiction writing prompts in preparation for our 2016 Non-Fiction Contest.  Our first prompt is a...

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Review: Non-Fiction by Carol Shaben and Jay Ruzesky

 •  July 13

This non-fiction review first appeared in EVENT 42/3. Carol Shaben, Into the Abyss: How a Deadly Plane Crash Changed the Lives of a Pilot, a...

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