13 Ways of Looking at Climate Change: Runner-Up Poem

This summer, EVENT Magazine partnered with the Faculty of Language, Literature, and Performing Arts at Douglas College in 13 Ways of Looking at Climate Change—a showcase of student-driven interdisciplinary art and discourse as a response to climate change. One aspect of the showcase was a writing contest open to all students at Douglas College.

Congratulations to Tyler McLaren on their runner-up poem, “Sundown Above Coquitlam Bay.”

Sundown Above Coquitlam Bay
by Tyler McLaren

The kids want to eat
outside today, so I settle down on the balcony after
wiping down the patio furniture. The cloth comes
away black. I wave to my wife who is sitting inside. She can’t
be in the smog of summer for long. I smile at
my kids, who are bringing out the salmon
and potatoes. Fresh caught salmon from Coquitlam Bay,

metal removed of course. Fish is best in the summer, as the smog
provides a nice smokey taste. Our view from Burke Mountain
complements the tinny salmon wonderfully. Down in the Coquitlam
Bay I see a long-standing house collapse into the water. A rare treat
to witness.  Luckily the smog is light today, or I may not have
seen it. Squinting, I make out a few salvagers diving off the side of a boat,
anchored up near a few of the remaining rooves peeking out from the water.

The sunset shines across the bay, giving the haze
an orangey pink hue. A perfect evening. I smile as my kids laugh
amongst themselves. It’s important to appreciate what’s left.

Tyler McLaren forges artistic oddities from their Coquitlam apartment.