EVENT 48/2 Digital Edition


Within the pages of EVENT 48/2 you’ll find the winning entries to our 2019 Speculative Writing Contest, as selected by judge Emily Pohl-Weary, plus a full crop of poetry, fiction and reviews, ripe and ready for your literary indulgence.


This is the digital edition of EVENT 48/2. Click here for a physical edition.


Speculative Writing Contest 2019

Emily Pohl-Weary Judge’s Essay
Joe Bongiorno Out of Focus
Erin MacNair The Chemistry of Unhappiness



J.J. Steinfeld Two Poems
Rachel Cain Two Poems
Kate LaDew sometimes I think of hedy lamarr
Tamara Zbrizher I’m thinking about my next tattoo
Stephen Bett Jeremy Prynne: Paratactic Procedures
Erin Emily Ann Vance Washerwoman
Linda Crosfield Two Poems
Curtis LeBlanc Two Poems
Elana Wolff Two Poems
Angeline Schellenberg Two Poems
Tricia Lowther Ways editors have rejected my writing
Stephen Page The Dream of Writing
Duncan Mercredi Two Poems
Richard Ali Two Poems
Brendan Frain Tonguing the Dead
Richard Weiser A Poem About Time
Kurt Trzcinski Three Poems
Tom Wayman Two Poems
Timothy Bowling Two Poems
William Bonfiglio Two Poems
Derek Webster Two Poems
Kimberly Peterson The Alchemy of Hydrogen and Oxygen
Louise Carson Two Poems
Andrew Lafleche Two Poems
Ojo Taiye Three Poems



Danica Klewchuk Leaving Room
Zach Swiss What I Saw From My Window
Bill Stenson Dick and Jane
Mark Halpern How the Other Half Lives



Fiction Cathy Stonehouse
Kathy Mezei
Trish Matson
Fiction/Non-Fiction Elizabeth McCausland

On the cover:
“Waiting” by Patrick Conaty.

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