EVENT 45/1 Digital Edition


Meet EVENT’s latest “Notes on Writing” issue. 45/1 features the most literary thoughts of Rahat Kurd, Kevin Spenst, Kalam Al-Solaylee, Nadia Bozak and David Scott Hamilton, plus a full complement of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and reviews.

This is the digital version of 45/1.


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Notes on Writing

Rahat Kurd How Reading Drives Writing
Kevin Spenst Fill Your Heart with Happenstance
Kamal Al-Solaylee Retreat? Not a Chance…
Nadia Bozak Stories about Stories
David Scott Hamilton On Not Being a Writer



Lee Maracle Two Poems
Janet Rogers Two Poems
Grant Buday Three Poems
Laurelyn Whitt Two Poems
Josh Stenberg Three Poems
Mike Donaldson Two Poems
Elizabeth Harper Three Poems
Catherine Brunet Two Poems
Alan Hill Two Poems
Vincent McGillivray Two Poems
Beth Goobie Four Poems
Jason Heroux Alas


Shane Goth Occupants
Christopher Evans A Dissection of Passion
Jenifer Sutherland Seven Times Dan



Chris Donahoe Jaws
Clara Kumagai You Have a Beautiful Brain



Fiction Michael Bourne
Kathy Mezei
Poetry Nick Thran
Non-Fiction Hilary Turner


On the cover: ‘Rainbow’ by Angus Macgillivray, 2013.

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