EVENT 45/2


This is the print edition of EVENT 45/2, packed with brand new poetry, fiction, non-fiction and reviews writers both Canadian and international. See below for a complete table of contents.

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Glenn Hayes Three Poems
Michelle Elrick From ‘spilt flour: a suite of poems’
Astrid van der Pol The Night
Jean Van Loon Two Poems
Shawna Delgaty Sempronia
Darius Kinney Everything Must First Be Guilty
Tim Prior Two Poems
Rob Ruttan Two Poems
Greg Brown Two Poems
Margo Wheaton Three Poems
Emma Doedens What Fitzgerald Taught Me
Nolan Natasha Pike Four Poems
Janette Fecteau Three Poems
Lisa Comeau I Must, I Must
Curtis LeBlanc Three Poems
Ruth Daniell Two Poems
Bernard Wills Blue Moon-Big Star
Crystal Hurdle Choose Your Ending



Marcia Walker Bacchanalia
Deborah-Anne Tunney Helen’s Escape
Traci Skuce Train in the Distance
Don McLellan Children of the Zocalo
Phedra Deonarine La Diablesse



Jane Campbell Good as Dead
Danielle Daniel Operation Release



Fiction Brenna Clarke Gray
Non-Fiction Jay Ruzesky
Poetry Leslie Timmins


On the cover: ‘Merging I’ by Viki Wu, 2015.

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