EVENT 50/2


EVENT continues to celebrate 50 years of publication with Issue 50/2, featuring new work by Tom Wayman, Beth Goobie, David Huebert, Theodora Armstrong and Jill Mandrake, along with a hearty selection of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and reviews to curl up with on the couch as the nights get longer.

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This is the physical edition of EVENT 50/2  Click here for a digital edition.



Rozina Jessa Two Poems
Penn Kemp Two Poems
Beth Goobie Three Poems
Adina Kopinsky Uterus Didelphys
Robert Hilles Two Poems
Jhordan Layne Two Poems
Tom Wayman Wounds
Nicholas Bradley Two Poems
Sara Mang Three Poems
kerry rawlinson Two Poems
Frances Boyle Two Poems
Zachery Cooper Two Poems
Zach Da Costa Two Poems
Chad Norman Two Poems
Kulbir Saran Two Poems
Tosh Sherkat Two Poems
Kelly Shepherd Two Poems
Leah Callen Two Poems
Andrew French Two Poems


K.A. Polzin My Band
David Huebert The Empathy Pill
Mohan Fitzgerald For Frank Ponomarenko…
Theodora Armstrong Emergency Exits


Jill Mandrake Lost on the Greenway


Fiction Veronique Darwin
Anuja Varghese
Poetry Carolyn Nakagawa
Non-Fiction Jessica Rose

On the cover: “Moon Over Cape Town” by Ben von Jagow (2021). Illustrations by Holly Allerellie.

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