EVENT 44/3 Digital Edition


Say hello to our newest Non-Fiction Contest issue! EVENT 44/3 features 2015 winners Gena Ellett and Hilary Peach, plus an introductory essay from guest judge Andrew Westoll. That’s not all: read on for a full list of the fiction, poetry and reviews stuffed in this awesome issue.


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Andrew Westoll 2015 Non-Fiction Contest
Gena Ellett The Back Roads
Hilary Peach The Wolf


Jennifer Knowlan Three Poems
Joshua Whitehead things we lost in the fire/water
Shane Neilson From ‘New Brunswick’
Pamela Mosher Two Poems
John Donlan Almighty Voice
Ioanna Sahas Martin Midnight Toboggan Run
John Steffler Four Poems
Geoffrey Nilson We’re in This Together
Deborah Buchanan Two Poems
Randy Lundy Three Poems
Bridget Keating Ayotzinapa
Mollie Coles Tonn Two Poems
Stephen Bett Two Poems



Pamela Hensley Lola Lasciare
Jason Heit The Dinner Party
Sarah Christina Brown Ghosts in the Waldorf
Naoko Kumagai The Factory



Poetry Carleigh Baker
Christopher Levenson
Fiction Trish Matson
Carol Matthews
Non-Fiction Cathy Stonehouse


On the cover: ‘Chimango Caracara’ by Adam Gibbs, 2009.

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