EVENT 47/2 Digital Edition


You’re looking at EVENT 47/2, our very first speculative fiction issue! Peek inside for winning entries from our inaugural Let Down Your Hair contest, an essay from judge Amber Dawn, and a respectable selection of poems, stories, and reviews.


This is the digital edition of EVENT 47/2. Click here for a physical edition.


Speculative Writing Contest 2017

Amber Dawn Judge’s Essay
V.J. Hamilton Magenta
Krischan Stotz Solstice Crab



Ali Kisat Two Poems
Tawahum Justin Bige Two Poems
Sara Wilson The Auric Churn
Nathan Adler Miigwetch Nshoomis!
Sneha Madhavan-Reese Two Poems
Sarah Moses Two Poems
Genni Gunn In the Event
stephanie roberts Three Poems
Kayla Czaga Two Poems
James Warner Not Another Bestiary
Sadie McCarney Fairy Tale in the Supermarket
Jim Reil Two Poems
Jeremy Colangelo Two Poems
Amy LeBlanc Insomuch
Neil Surkan Woods and Nobody Around
Melanie Boyd The Falls
Alan Hill In Midwinter
D.S. Martin Three Poems
Marlene Grand Maître Behind Walls
Alpay Ulku Two Poems
Jonathan Greenhause My Ideas Are Snatched from Me
Carmen Pintea Two Poems
Robert Colman Two Poems


Frankie Barnet Again, the Sad Woman’s Soliloquy
Thomas Wharton The Things that Take Our Place
Jason Jobin They Would Pour Us into Boxes




Fiction Michael Bourne
Ginny Ratsoy
Cathy Stonehouse
Fiction/Non-Fiction Elizabeth McCausland
Poetry Nick Thran

On the cover: 
‘The Pianist’ (2017) by Xanthe Kittson.

Illustrations by Cheri Lee Charlton

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