Carolyn Nakagawa Reviews Three Poetry Collections For EVENT 50/2

 •  February 14

Carolyn Nakagawa Reviews: Lily Wang, Saturn Peach, Gordon Hill Press, 2020Jen Sookfong Lee, The Shadow List, Wolsak & Wynn, 2021Sachiko...

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2021 Non-Fiction Contest Winners

 •  February 13

EVENT is proud to announce the winners of our 2021 Non-Fiction contest, judged by David A. Robertson. FIRST PLACE ($1,500): Penance,...

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Upcoming (Virtual) Event: Indigenous Voices

 •  February 5

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, EVENT Magazine, and Douglas College’s Indigenous Student Services Office and Creative Writing Department will host an...

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Véronique Darwin Reviews Translation By Melissa Bull and Katia Grubisic for EVENT 50/2

 •  February 1

Véronique Darwin Reviews: Marie-Sissi Labrèche, Trans. Melissa Bull, Borderline, Anvil Press, 2020 Ioana Georgescu, Trans. Katia Grubisic,...

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From Issue 50/1: Read An Excerpt From Liz Harmer’s “The Bowerbird: A Tale”

 •  December 14

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This Is My Real Name: Hannah Macready Interviews Cid V Brunet

 •  December 2

CID V BRUNET spent their twenties stripping in clubs across Canada. They received a degree in creative writing from Douglas College and went on...

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6 CanLit Gift Ideas For Literary Lovers In Your Life

 •  November 10

Finding the perfect gift for the writer in your life can be a challenge. Coffee cups with T.S. Eliot quotes or phrases like, “This is what an...

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On Beginnings: The Art of Getting Started

 •  October 5

Beginnings are the start of something new. A fresh take. A chance to try your hand at an unfamiliar style, form, or voice. We begin when we start a...

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Kathy Mezei Reviews Novels From Larry Tremblay and Zsolt Alapi for EVENT 50/1

 •  September 30

Kathy Mezei Reviews: Zsolt Alapi, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, DC Books, 2020 Larry Tremblay, Trans. Sheila Fischman, Impurity,...

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Our 2021 Non-Fiction Contest Is Here!

 •  September 21

Enter EVENT Magazine's 31st annual Non-Fiction Contest and win up to $3000 in total prizes, plus publication in EVENT. This year's contest is judged...

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