M. Bayless Wins Canadian Magazine Award

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“I had a good grip on the scissors when they plunged into Frank’s skull, so naturally I felt the firm resistance, then the sickening, slippery slide into his brain. I hadn’t known that it was Frank’s head, of course. I’d been reaching around the tall plants with my pruning scissors, slicing at the ones with woody stems.

‘Frank,’ I shrieked, when the plants parted and Frank fell forward onto the gravel, grey matter bubbling forth from the gash in his head. ‘Frank!’”

-M. Bayless, “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”

Yesterday the Canadian Magazine Awards named M. Bayless’s essay the winner for Best Literature and Art Story, Including Poetry. Other finalists in the category were Liz Howard and Teva Harrison, both featured in The Walrus. Her piece, “So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish,” was EVENT’s 2016 Non-Fiction Contest winner, selected by judge Ayelet Tsabari, and first published in issue 45/3. Congratulations to M. Bayless, and a thank you for sending EVENT this moving work.


Read the rest of M. Bayless’s winning essay “So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish,” in EVENT 45/3.

Illustration by Nima Gholamipour