EVENT 44/2


EVENT 44/2 is here, stuffed to bursting with new poetry, fiction, non-fiction and reviews from Canada and around the world. Dive in for a new short story from Trevor Corkum, new poetry from Alison Stone and Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, non-fiction from Christine Estima and so much more.

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Mark O. Goodwin Five Poems
Gary Barwin Four Poems
Cristina Viviani Chill Air
Rebecca Papucaru Retouched
Beverley N. Nsengiyunva I envy the sky goddess
Changming Yuan Walking in the Rain
Larry Nicholson Two Poems
David Laidlaw For the Simply of Some Answerings
Robin Rapoport Night
Richard Kelly Kemick Wolves
Diana Manole Lady. In Waiting
Puneet Dutt scars and prayers
Courtney A. Powless Two Poems
Owain Nicholson Safer Territory
Armand Garnet Ruffo Two Poems
Leonard Neufeldt In Response to Questions
Rita Anderson Necessary Procedures
Sylvia Symons Two Poems
David Huebert Two Poems
Darryl Whetter Not Your Parents’ PC
Alison Stone Sweets
Jeff Musgrave Fangoria Convention
Matt Visser The Human Body
Kenna Creer Manos Passages
Czandra Loops



Trevor Corkum Dar a Luz
Ben Stephenson Its Size
Alexander W.D. Martin Behold the Bright House
Robert Hilles The Simplest Things
Deepa Shankaran The Deathbed
Adrick Brock Us and the Wide Open North



Christine Estima Spray It, Don’t Say It



Fiction/Non-Fiction Brenna Clarke Gray
Brett Josef Grubisic
Elizabeth McCausland
Poetry Leslie Timmins

On the cover: ‘The Couple (Watched /Watching)’ by Connor Charlesworth,  2014.

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