EVENT 44/1


This is EVENT 44/1, our 2015 Notes on Writing issue. It features notes from Sue Goyette, Michael Christie, Padma Viswanathan, Naben Ruthenium and Ashley Little. You’ll also find a full complement of fiction, reviews and poetry from luminaries such as Al Rempel and Weyman Chan, plus non-fiction from Angela Long.

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Notes on Writing

Sue Goyette Home 1,400 m
Michael Christie May I Have My Attention?
Padma Viswanathan A Hunger for the World
Naben Ruthnum Nathan Ripley
Ashley Little Signposts on the Road of My Writing Life, or…


Angela Rebrec TWO POEMS
Claire Kelly Ghazal 3
Saint James Harris Wood While None of It Is Mine
Weyman Chan From ‘Six Memos for Enduring Torture’
Troy Tymofichuk A Bell
Rodney Robertson Three at an Interview
Sugar le Fae TWO POEMS
Genevieve Zimantas Between Fiction and Gravity
Keagan Hawthorne Tantramar Field
Sheri Benning THREE POEMS
Alison Smith TWO POEMS
Joshua Levy TWO POEMS
Veryl Coghill The Invitation
John Sibley Williams THREE POEMS
Yulia Aleynikova Lady Fallen to Earth


Alexander Danner The Fathers of Dead Children
Catriona Wright They 
Beverley Shaw School Dreams
J.R. McConvey How the Grizzly Came to Hang in the Royal Oak Hotel
Aaron Wannamaker Sailboat


Angela Long The Carpet Seller


Fiction Andrew MacDonald
Kathy Mezei
Poetry Nick Thran

On the cover: Untitled by Grant Harder, 2013.

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