EVENT 50th Collected Notes


EVENT celebrates 50 years of publication with a Notes on Writing anthology, featuring more than 70 personal essays with insights into the joys and struggles of the writer’s life and process, written by notable Canadian writers, including Jane Urquhart, David Bergen, Andre Alexis, Madeleine Thien, Eden Robinson, Jen Sookfong Lee, Zoe Whittall, Joy Kogawa, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Joshua Whitehead, and many others.

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This is the physical edition of 50 Years of EVENT Magazine: Collected Notes on Writing  Click here for a digital edition.


Messages from EVENT Editors, Past and Present

Alistair MacLeod ‘At the Moment’
Jane Urquhart Notes on Fiction
David Carpenter The Word According to Carp
Susan Glickman Notes on Poetry
Carolyn Smart Writing from the Heart: South Africa
Patricia Young Silvery Magnificence
Lorna Crozier Writing My Father with Shame, with Terror
Cynthia Flood Dry Dirty Brain
Nino Ricci Notes Toward a Portrait of the Artist in Embryo
Kate Braid My Job Is to Listen
Caroline Adderson A Beginner’s Manual of Yoga for Writers
David Bergen Tricks
Bill Gaston Trying to Read Piggy Sneed
Andre Alexis So Far
Don Dickison Voyage from the Silence
Elise Levine Waving
Julie Keith Spears with Holes in Them
Russell Thornton Upon a Hundred Thousand Stages…
Stephanie Bolster Barton Fink’s Hotel Room
George Elliott Clarke On Writing Now
Madeleine Thien The Middle
Marilyn Dumont Process: Our Significant Other
Camilla Gibb Rebel Forces
Lydia Kwa I Keep on Finishing and It Takes Forever…
Eden Robinson About the Author
Kevin Chong On Writing and Contrarianism
Ivan Coyote Maybe She Did, Maybe She Did
Emily Pohl-Weary Popular Cultures
Charlotte Gill Made You Look
Lynn Coady All That’s Holy
Timothy Taylor On Writing
Ruth Roach Pierson For So Long as One Is Writing a Poem
Zoe Whittall Monday to Friday…
Jen Sookfong Lee A Writer, and Nothing Else
Michael V. Smith Confessions of a Sex Writer
Rhea Tregebov Writing Lives
Russell Wangersky On Writing and Playing with Fire
Barry Dempster The Voice that Will Be Written
Amber Dawn The Calling of the Goddess…
Charles Demers Remembrance of Things Delirious
Jenn Farrell Freezing Time
Ray Hsu Call for Acceptance, ‘The Way of Ray’…
Susan Olding Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley…
Wayne Grady On the Willing Suspension of Disbelief
Anne Fleming Novels Are for Children
Sachiko Murakami The Central Fact

50 Years of EVENT Covers

Billeh Nickerson Shelagh Rogers Called Me a Slut…
Ayelet Tsabari How to Make a Cream Sauce
Gail Anderson-Dargatz To Dance with a Cat
Lauren B. Davis Lies, Lies and More…Fiction
Marcello Di Cintio On Travel Writing
Doretta Lau When I Was Nearly Young
Sue Goyette Home 1,400 m
Michael Christie May I Have My Attention?
Padma Viswanathan A Hunger for the World
Naben Ruthnam Nathan Ripley
Rahat Kurd How Reading Drives Writing
Kevin Spenst Fill Your Heart with Happenstance…
Kamal Al-Solaylee Retreat? Not a Chance…
David Scott Hamilton On Not Being a Writer
J.R. McConvey The Ouroboros
Leah Horlick You Don’t Have to Do This
Trevor Corkum Reflections on Writing Mindfully
Jennica Harper Holes
Benjamin Hertwig On Violence & Memory
Joy Kogawa Roosters
Philip Huynh The Sidelong Glimpse
John Elizabeth Stintzi Notes on a Fragmented Life
Jas M. Morgan Unmarketable Lives
Teresa Wong Oh No, Have I Killed It?
Maria Reva Buy a Goat, Sell a Goat
Souvankham Thammavongsa The Nut and Bolt…
Joshua Whitehead On Bodies of Writing