EVENT 48/3 Digital Edition


You’re looking at the digital edition of EVENT 48/3 — an issue featuring Notes on Writing essays from Philip Huynh, John Elizabeth Stintzi, Teresa Wong and Lindsay Nixon, as well as tons of new poetry, fiction and reviews.


This is the digital edition of EVENT 48/3.  Click here for a physical edition.


Notes on Writing


Philip Huynh The Sidelong Glimpse
John Elizabeth Stintzi Notes on a Fragmented Life
Teresa Wong Oh No, Have I Killed It?
Lindsay Nixon Unmarketable Lives




John Elizabeth Stintzi Origa/me
Mark Anthony Cayanan What keeps the soul…
Su-Yee Lin Lake
Jane Munro Three Poems
Marilyn Bowering Three Poems
Jami Macarty Two Poems
Garry Gottfriedson Two Poems
Raye Hendrickson Giving Birth
Juliana Rupchan Two Poems
Mark O. Goodwin Two Poems
Jaeyun Yoo Immigrant
Fabiyas M V Death of a Malabar Grey Hornbill
John Barton Two Poems
Leesa Dean Two Poems
James Felton Post Office [and translation]
Jill M. Talbot Two Poems
Giles Slade Two Poems
Caroline Misner Two Poems
Christopher Levenson Two Poems
Heather Nolan Three Poems
Catherine Graham Three Poems




Christopher Evans Nora, at the Cinema
Fawn Parker Feed Machine
Paul Brownsey Windows



Fiction Andrew MacDonald
Ginny Ratsoy
Hilary Turner
Poetry Leslie Timmins

On the cover:
“Cappadocia Sun-Rise” by Connor McCracken.

Illustrations by Christine Wei

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