EVENT 43/2


Another issue chock full of scintillating word play and narrative shenanigans. In it you’ll find: poetry by Sandy Pool, Carolyn Smart, Stuart Ross, w.c. sy and Donato Mancini; fiction by Philip Huynh and Joel Katelnikoff; non-fiction by Charlotte Beck and Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt; reviews by Marian Botsford Fraser, Michael Mirolla and Christopher Levenson; and a whole lot more. Get your copy now.

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Michael Nardone Undisclosed Recipients
Sandy Pool On Slander
Laura Matwichuk THREE POEMS
Bren Simmers I Blame MASH for My Addiction to MLS
Carolyn Smart My Friend Is Beaten in the Room Next Door
Shannon Maguire Envelope Licking Days
Stuart Ross FIVE POEMS
Adrienne Gruber A
Sandra Ridley Rigor Mortem
Kateri Lanthier Florillegal
w.c. sy FOUR POEMS
Carla Hartsfield Heart Wall
Donato Mancini TWO POEMS


Kent Bruyneel This. Is. Bobby. Fischer.
Philip Huynh The Fig Tree off Knight Street
Joel Katelnikoff The Accompanying Illustration
Kelsey Lauder Half Real
Karina Palmitesta Good Things to Eat


Charlotte Beck Cockroach Towers
Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt Beirut Bombing


Fiction Marian Botsford Fraser
Michael Mirolla
Poetry Christopher Levenson
Non-Fiction Carol Matthews

On the cover: ‘Waiting’ by Nancy Lee, 2014.

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