Welcoming EVENT’s New Managing Editor, Krista Eide

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EVENT is proud to welcome Krista Eide as its new Managing Editor. Krista is taking over for Ian Cockfield, who has been a part of EVENT’s editorial staff for over 20 years.

Krista brings with her a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to this position. She was the former Executive Editor of PRISM international and has already worked as a first reader and editorial assistant for EVENT. Her creative writing, including both fiction and non-fiction, has been featured in various Canadian journals and publications. Krista also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.

While we are sad to see Ian go, we wish him all the best as he steps into retirement. Read on below to see a parting message from Ian. Plus, Krista’s thoughts on stepping into her new role.

A Note From Ian Cockfield, EVENT’s Managing Editor 1999-2023

“I started working at EVENT as a bright-eyed MFA grad in 1999, first as the Reading Service Editor, and then later that year adding on the Managing Editor role. At the time, we had a Visuals Editor who still, literally, cut and pasted together the covers. The inside copy had to be sent to a typesetter and would arrive back at the office as a long scroll to be proofread. Our only presence on the “Internet”—only 5% of the globe were online back then—was a single page buried deep in the Douglas College website. Oh, what a long way we’ve come!

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of creative, dedicated and gracious comrades-in-arms—six Editors, eight genre editors, two proofreaders and countless assistants, interns, volunteers and board members—all united in the cause of bringing brave and exciting voices into the world. I will certainly miss the excitement—and smell—of opening up that first box of a new issue just back from the printer—the fruit of many hardworking individuals—and the everyday hustle in the office with my fellow EVENTers (I thank you all!). 

Krista Eide, who I’ve been working alongside the past few months, will make a fine addition to the team. She brings fresh energy to the job, and has a wealth of experience with literary magazines to lean on. I leave assured that EVENT will continue to be a vibrant and important venue for contemporary literature. So here’s to another 50 years of publication!

I’m excited to devote more time and energy to my own artistic pursuits—projects that are scattered about the floor and filing cabinets of my home office—not to mention a bit of travel. Who knows, perhaps one day in the not-too-distant future, you’ll even come across my name in the contents section of our indomitable EVENT.”

Sincerely, Ian Cockfield, soon-to-be ex-Managing Editor of EVENT

5 Questions for Krista Eide

What are your feelings on stepping into this role?

“After forays into various arts sectors, I am super excited to return to magazine publishing, which is the industry where I landed my first real job many years ago. I love it all, from copyediting and lay-up, to circulation and fulfillment. I’ve been resurrecting my dormant magazine lingo, which has been delightful.”

What do you hope to learn/achieve in this position? 

“It’s a big responsibility to guide an over 50 year-old literary journal through these challenging times—both in publishing, and in the world. In my role as managing editor, I hope to address the big questions: What sets EVENT apart from other lit mags? How can I attract new readers? How can I help ensure EVENT is still here in another 50 years?”

What drew you to EVENT, specifically?

“I was a long-time first reader and volunteer for EVENT, and always enjoyed helping out. I think it’s one of the best journals in Canada and I’m honoured to help contribute to its ongoing excellence. Plus, I was excited to work with EVENT’s fantastic editor, Shashi Bhat.”

What are you most looking forward to in your position?

“EVENT has a long history of championing early-career writers, so I’m really looking forward to discovering new and diverse writers doing exciting work, and helping to get them into print. I’m also looking forward to engaging with our subscribers, getting back to more in-person events, and seeing how the magazine’s design will change over time.”

Any final thoughts?

“Thanks so much, Ian, for your decades of steering this ship, and for imparting to me some of your vast knowledge of EVENT and lit-mag publishing. I have big shoes to fill! I hope you now have plenty of time for family, travel, and your own writing.”