Welcome to eventmagazine.ca!

February 4, 2014 at 7:54 pm  •  Posted in Home Page by

Check out our site! We’ve worked hard through the winter to bring you our slick new website. A fresh look, a new URL, a redesigned shop, and some major changes, but still 100% EVENT. The design is now totally responsive. Check it out today on your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Here are some changes you might notice:

1) We’ve replaced our old “Get” menu with a shiny new shop under “Buy.” Now that we’re fully equipped for ecommerce, it’s easier than ever to buy EVENT. You can even pay contest entry and reading service fees online. Not bad!

2) The EVENT homepage now has a slider with feature articles, events and contests rather than just a blog roll. But fear not blog lovers—our old blog articles are still available. Check them out in the menu under “Blog.”

3) We’re going to start releasing reviews from the latest back issue as blog articles throughout the month. After they’ve been released, they’ll appear in the same old place (under “Archives/Recent Reviews.”) We thought it would be nice to show off some of the great review content that was a bit hidden in our old design.

4) We’ve got a new look! Try rolling down the page. The menu bar follows you. Uncanny, but very cool.

5) Our social media buttons are up on the top right of your screen. Take a moment to connect with us and never miss a contest, article or special deal.